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I Will Be There For U
1st verse: I Know in life there are no guarantees.
Problems may come and go.
But if there's something that you can't resolve.
It's nice to know there is someone to lean on.
You don't have to own a crystal ball, to see the future unfold. But you can know that I'll be right by your side. I'll be there just to have and to hold.
(Chorus) - I will be there for u, on your coldest day and darkest night. I will be there for you, will you be there for me?
2nd verse: There may be times when our relations are strained, when words are cold and destructive. Instead of walking in the opposite direction, we should reflect on the promise we made.
We don't have to be superstars, and conquer every situation. All we need is a little love in our hearts, and there'll be nothing we can't achieve.
Don't Stop, Hold on. You know I'll never do you wrong. Have faith in love, and we'll be together forever, forever.
(Chorus) 3x's
Short Song Description:
Love song about caring for a loved one.
Story Behind the Song:
How to stay together in a relationship.
Lyric Credits: Alan Blake
Music Credits: Alan Blake
Producer Credits: Alan Blake
Publisher Credits: AJB Music
Performance Credits: Alan Blake, Lita Blake
Label Credits: 2 Of Us Music
Song Length: 5:00
Primary Genre: Pop-Easy Listening
Secondary Genre: R & B-Contemporary
Tempo / Feel: Medium Slow (91 - 110)
Lead Vocal: Female Vocal
Subject Matter 1: General
Subject Matter 2: Friend
Mood 1: Gracious
Mood 2: Welcoming
Similar Artist 1: Rachelle Ferrell
Similar Artist 2: Vanessa Williams
Language: English