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Biographical Sketch

Alan and Lita Blake

Philadelphia bred now Atlanta based keyboardists/vocalists/writers and international recording artists Alan and Lita Blake have toured, written and/or recorded with artists such as the late Grover Washington Jr., the late George Howard, Gerald Veasley, Jean Carne, Bernadette Stanis, Kevin Eubanks, Omar Hakim, the late renowned jazz violinist John Blake Jr. (brother of Alan Blake), Doc Gibbs, Onaje Allen Gumbs, Rachelle Ferrell, Major Harris, Eddie Holman, Bob Thompson and Bob Baldwin. Lita studied under Dr. Donald Byrd at Howard University and performed with the legendary jazz pianist Billy Taylor and bassist Ron Carter. She has provided numerous vocal recordings on albums for John Blake Jr., Grover Washington and George Howard. Alan served as a recording engineer for actress Jasmine Guy on her CD "Raisin Cane" and teamed up with Bob Baldwin to write "For Grover and George" which made it to #50 on the 2011 year-end Billboard Smooth Jazz charts. Alan and Lita, along with Siedah Garrett also laid the vocal tracks for George Howard's 1985 #1 Billboard Jazz chart hit "Dancin' in the Sun". They also served as musical mentors for Jazz vocalist and pianist Rachelle Ferrell at the start of her career. Ms. Ferrell honored Alan and Lita as her "musical mentors" during a Variety Playhouse performance in Atlanta, GA. in 2003.
They have performed at numerous functions and events for many corporations and philanthropic organizations. They have also opened for the likes of George Duke, Roberta Flack, Frankie Beverly and Maze, Freddie Jackson, Jeffrey Osborne, Chaka Khan, NeYo, Rudy Currants, Kirk Whalum and performed at a private "Salute to Greatness Awards" after party for Quincy Jones. They performed for Bernadette Stanis's (Thelma of "Good Times") book signing event at Justin's in Atlanta in 2007 and were chosen to provide the entertainment for the Hon. Denzil Douglas-then Prime Minister of St. Kitts/Nevis for his annual New Years Eve Ball in 2006 in St. Kitts/Nevis Island.
Their latest release is "No One Else But You" now being played on major Smooth Jazz stations and available for purchase at iTunes, Tidal, Amazon, CDBaby and all other major online retailers!
Alan is also a Pro Audio salesman and troubleshooter, and installs home recording studios and PA gear for small and medium sized churches. THE LINK TO HIS "SOUND INSTALLS" FACEBOOK PAGE IS HERE:
Alan's customer base is widespread including the late Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez, Andre 3000, Jan Smith, Daron Jones of 112, Alan Freeman (tech for Beyonce),and more.

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Alan and Lita Blake:
Keyboards/Vocals/Synthesizer programming/engineering..
"For Grover and George"-Bob Baldwin-New Urban Jazz Revibe II.(Alan-Writer)
Climbed to #50 on Billboard Smooth Jazz charts 2011 Year End!
"Reed Seed"-Grover Washington Jr.
(Lita-vocals on "Do Dat")
"Summer Song"-Grover Washington Jr.
"The Best Of Grover Washington Jr., (Motown)-(Lita-vocals)
"Dancin' in The Sun"-George Howard. (Alan/Lita-Vocals)-Reached #1 on Billboard Jazz Charts 1985!
"Asphalt Gardens"-George Howard. (Alan-Keyboards/synth)-Reached #25 on Billboard Jazz Charts 1982!
"The Preacher"-George Howard (Alan-Fender Rhodes Piano)
"Bright Eyes"-George Howard (Lita-Vocals, Alan-Fender Rhodes Piano)
"Brand New (And All Made Over)"-George Howard (Lita-vocals, Alan-Fender Rhodes Piano)
"Is It Commercial Enough For You"-George Howard (Alan-Fender Rhodes Piano)
"Shooting Star"-Bob Thompson. (Alan-Writer) From the Album "Brother's Keeper"
*(featuring Kevin Eubanks and Omar Hakim)
"Adventures Of The Heart"-John Blake Jr. (Alan/Lita-Keys/vocals)
"Mandela-We Are One"-John Blake Jr. (Lita-vocals and vocal arrangement. Alan-vocals)
"All This Love" (Is waiting for you)-John Blake Jr. (Lita-vocals)
"Caribbean Sunset"-John Blake Jr./Grover Washington Jr. (Alan-Writer/vocals/keyboards. Lita-vocals)
"Shapin' Up"-John Blake Jr.(Alan-vocals/keys, Lita-vocals)
"Maiden Dance"-John Blake Jr. (Alan/Lita-Keys/vocals)
"Ocean Walkin'"-John Blake Jr. (Alan/Lita-vocals, Alan-keys)
"String Safari"-John Blake Jr. (Alan-writer)
"Dan Freeman's Story"-Melaphyre-(Alan-keyboards)
"Raisin' Cane"-Jasmine Guy (Alan-Recording engineer)
"Grand Cayman Nights"-Charles Douglas-(Lita-vocals, Alan-Keyboards).
"Hey There Lonely Girl" (Remix)-Eddie Holman-(Alan-Keys/synth)
"You're the one for Me"-Alan and Lita Blake-The Blake Music Group
"Think Twice"-Alan and Lita Blake-The Blake Music Group
"I Will Be There For U"-Alan and Lita Blake-The Blake Music Group
"Key Strikes"-Alan and Lita Blake-The Blake Music Group
"September"-(single)-Alan and Lita Blake
"The Traveller"-(single)-Alan and Lita Blake-Top 100 on Allen Kepler's Smooth Jazz Network-2017
"Finger Dance"-(single)-Alan and Lita Blake
"Step Up!"-(single)-Alan and Lita Blake-Top 100 on Allen Kepler's Smooth Jazz Network-2018
"I Ain't Mad at Cha'"-(single)-Alan and Lita Blake
"From the Ashes" (single)(Radio Edit)-Alan and Lita Blake
"Step Up! Remix"-Alan and Lita Blake produced by Bob Baldwin.
"Restoration" Alan and Lita Blake (feat, Aktual) (single)-latest release
"The Reset"-Alan and Lita Blake
"Lover's Breeze"-Alan and Lita Blake
"Across The Horizon"-Alan and Lita Blake
"Makeda the Queen"-Alan and Lita Blake
"Return of the Mack"-Alan and Lita Blake
"Friday Night" (Tribute to Al-Jarreau)-Alan and Lita Blake
"Lady in My Life"-Alan and Lita Blake
"Moons Over Jupiter"-Alan and Lita Blake
"No One Else But You"-Alan and Lita Blake-#1 Most Added track on Groove Jazz Music Chart! (Week of January 22, 2024)
"Family Affair"-(Latest Release)

Review of "Key Strikes" New CD

From Smooth Jazz Daily-May 2017:
Alan and Lita Blake have a style all their own. It's a fusion of jazz, dance, r&b, soul, ethnic and popular music that transcends traditional borders.
They have toured and recorded with artists such as the late Grover Washington Jr., the late George Howard, Jean Carne, Kevin Eubanks, and Rachelle Ferrell.

Their newest album is Key Strikes (2017), a mostly instrumental smooth jazz piano cover journey through popular r&b hits. Get the album at CDBaby.

From Jeff Moses at WJMX Smooth Jazz Boston:
"Key Strikes is an absolutely brilliant and stellar album!"

Review of "I WIll Be There For U

Alan and Lita's previous CD I Will Be There For U gets a Rave Review!
Feb 7, 2013
It's been quite a few years since keyboardists/vocalists Alan and Lita Blake have released an album, but has it ever been worth the wait. The duo comes out swinging on a new release called I Will Be There For U, a wonderfully conceived album of covers and originals complete with compelling vocals as well as solid instrumentals.

While I am one who receives covers with a bit of wariness, often concerned about quality, creativity, and imagination, along with the artist's capacity to create original material as competent as the very tunes they cover. This duo has done just that. The covers here are almost a complete overhaul with the Blakes practically making them their own by virtue of interpretation and imagination.

The lead track, Stevie Wonder's classic jamarama "Superstition," is full of hard charging drive and keyboard magic. The same can be said of Kool and The Gang's "Ladies' Night." Their own "I Will Be There For U" is a strong delivery of soul and feeling as Lita Blake struts her worthy vocal talents. What these artists do with the classic "Alfie" makes it one tune that you simply must hear to grasp the creativity that went into that interpretation. Simply delicious.

This album has it all - from great covers to tracks I'm hearing for the very first time (e.g., the previously mentioned title track, "Holy Groove II," and "Faith in You." A tasteful, very well-conceived project rooted in true talent and an understanding of the role that strong interpretative skills have in conveying the groove to the contemporary jazz community. - Ronald Jackson

The Smooth Jazz Ride Review

Radio Stations

Alan and Lita Blake Smooth Jazz Radio Stations.....

(Also on multiple YOUTUBE PLAYLISTS)

More Stations to come!
Please call these stations to request our music as often as you can!
Thank you!

WCLK Atlanta-("The Traveller")
KJZY/Santa Rosa, CA ("Ribbon in the Sky")

1. Jazz Oasis Maine
2. Milwaukee Smooth Jazz
3. Indie Music Network
4. PJ Faulkner
5. 4 Drive Jazz Portugal
6. Q95 FM
7. Quiet Storm WHUR 96.3 FM
8. Tirana Jazz Radio
9. KJLU Lincoln U.
10. Jazz Moods Radio
11. Smooth Jazz Utah
12. Free Funk UK
13. Smooth Jazz Urban Cafe
14. Villanova
15. Cool FM 89.3 Panama
16. Blue Yonder Smooth Jazz
17. Zoom Radio Antigua
18. Jazz Radio Berlin (info)
19. 90.9 Jazzy Hungary
20. Skyline Jazz Italy
21. Smooth Jazz Buzz
22. 969 The Oasis
23. Follow Me Radio Spain
24. Jazz FM91
25. SJAS Radio-David Smashfold
26. Radio Cadena Espanola
27. All Jazz (Radio Capetown)
28. Radio 48
29. Swiss Groove Radio
30. Smooth Jazz on the Rocks
31. Deluxe Easy Radio Germany
32. Easy Lounge Radio-Germany
33. Blue Plate Radio Ed Tankus
34. Jazz Juice Radio
35. 181 FM Smooth AC
36. Flight Radio WQJT
37. Radio Flora TM
38. WYLC Perfectune FM
39. NIO FM 107.5 Suriname
40. Got Radio So Smooth
41. Smooth Groove Radio
42. Keith Gilchrist- Jazzology
43. 101 Smooth Jazz AC
44. Oasis Modern
45. Allen Kepler (Smoothjazznetwork)
46. CJazz Channel
47. Skook Brothers
48. Smooth Jazz 105.9
49. The Dot St. Louis
50. Jazz VNU
51. Smooth Jazz 101.1
52. Bookend-Jakarta
53. BPM Radio
54. WCLK
55. Clarissma Radio Dom. Rep.
56. WSJB
57. So Jazzy Radio
58. Calm Radio Smooth Jazz Ontario
59. New Urban Jazz Radio
60. Smooth Jazz Florida
61. GSRN Jazz Radio Panama
62. Ricky Colson
63. WSIE 88.7
64. Smooth Jazz Diva
65. Indigo Music
66. DJpointblankchain
67. The Moth FM Dr. Glynn Reese
68. Smooth Jazz in the Mix-Norrie Lynch
69. Jo Khool
70. Smooth Jazz Worldwide-Robert
71. Radio Positive Gold Albania
72. Detroit Smooth Jazz
73. Candlelight and Wine
74. 90.9 Hungary
75. 1000 Smooth Jazz Hits Germany
76. WHRP-Kevin Williams
77. i108.5 WIJZ Macon
78. Jazz Cafe New Zealand
79. KJazz Cool Jazz Long Beach
80. Radio Tunes Smooth Jazz
81. Relax (Radio Relax)
82. Smooth Jazz Poland
83. Phase Global Radio
84. New iJazz Radio
85. WCSU-Wilberforce
86. Jazz Radio dot net-Berlin
87. Solar Radio
88. Smooth Jazz 95.5 San Jose
89. Smooth Jazz Boston
90. KHCV 104.3
91. Smooth Jazz Arizona
93. Smoother Jazz Radio
94. Brownhill Radio
95.The Source Smooth Jazz
96. Smooth Jazz and More
97. WRCH Jazz FM Romania
98. WRJR Detroit
99. 181 FM
100. Jazzy Groove Radio
101. KJZY-Sonoma
102. Smooth Jazz Global Radio
103. Emociones Radio Spain
104. Jazz Bites Radio
105. KSKY the Dot WCAW St. Louis
106. WNVA 95.5
107. Pure Love Radio
108. Ozarks County
109. Black Planet Radio
110. Go FM Radio
111. WNOZ 95.3
112. RIB Web Radio
113. WINR


Dec. 10th, 2019-"Alan and Lita - thank you so much. Your band was top notch and first class tonight as always! The music was wonderful and made the party truly special and fun."
(Jasmine Taylor-Atlanta Chapter of The Links, Inc.)

August 23rd, 2019-"Thank you again for your amazing performance at our reception. I can ALWAYS count on you to show up and show out!!" (Herbert J and Natisha's wedding reception)

March 31st, 2019-East Point Delta's Debutante Ball.-"Your musical performance was wonderful!"-(Leanne Keepler)

Feb. 3rd, 2018-Metro Atl. Founders Day Luncheon-"Absolutely fantastic performance!" (Mary Gilliam)

Dec. 10th, 2017-Atlanta Links-"Your performance was outstanding"

June 17th, 2017-Atlanta Jamaican Association's "Jazz Under The Stars":
"Everyone enjoyed your music so much. We would like to have you again in 2018!"-Mr. Granville Saunders.

Nov. 19th, 2016-World Safe Awards Gala-Dear Alan and Lita:
This note is to thank you both, for The Blake Group's beautiful music this past weekend, at the Safe America Awards dinner. We are repeat customers for reasons, and with regard to the live entertainment piece, y'all make our lives easier by being consummate pros - being ready on time, looking the part, and then performing so well. You help us shine!
Sincerely, and With Best Regards,
Joe Caprara
Vice President of Executive Services
The Safe America Foundation

July 28th 2016-Ross Wedding-"You and your husband and band are amazing! Thank you for bringing the partaaay (spelled it wrong on purpose)".-Amisha (Wedding coordinator).

July 16th, 2016 Jazz By The Lake:
The band was incredible kept everyone entertained and the dance floor full.

June 11th, 2016 Trapuzzano Wedding in PA., "Thanks for making our wedding so special".

Juneteenth Sarasota 2016: "Your music was fantastic. Everyone is still talking about it!"-(Carolyn Glenn-ULC LLC).

Blue Ridge Mountain Wine and Jazz Festival 2016....
"Thank you both. The people enjoyed your performance! Look forward to working with you in the near future."-Terry Ellis (Festival Organizer).

54th Annual Urban League of Greater Atlanta EOD Gala 12/5/2015...
"The Blake Music Group and Mark Winne as co-emcee with Egypt Sherrod helped make the Urban League's 54th EOD Dinner a special evening!"-Nancy Flake Johnson (President).

Sept. 20, 2015
"Your music was outstanding! Everyone is still talking about the music!"
-Delores Strawbridge
Spring Valley Subdivision

Austins 50th Wedding Anniversary-April 25th, 2015-
"Thank you again for providing such lovely music for the Austins' 50th Wedding Anniversary! The guests are still talking about how beautiful the event was and you played a key role in it's success"
-Rebecca Palmer
Special Events Consultant

Anderson-Trammell wedding
April 3rd, 2015
"Thank you for your great musical services. We enjoyed you again. You will definitely hear from us again."

Pearls in Peachtree Corners Luncheon-Dec. 13th, 2014
Dec 17, 2014
To the Blakes;
You are fabulous, gifted, kind, and professional. Thank you for all attention given to me and my fellow Sorors.
I pray you will have blessed and wonderful Holidays.
Mary M.Gilliam

WorldSafe Awards Gala 11/8/2014
Nov 10, 2014
-Dear Alan and Lita:
Many thanks to The Blake Group for such a wonderful musical backdrop to our evening event. Your unending graciousness and understanding of our repertoire needs, as well as volume needs, is noteworthy and very much appreciated; your statement, "We want you to be happy" was the assurance I needed to have no worries with regard to the music....
-Joe Caprara, The Safe America Foundation

Unsung Leaders Awards 2014
Oct 12, 2014
Alan and Lita. Thank you so very much for setting the tone for our event on yesterday. Everyone raved about you two. And you're such a joy to work with.
-Natisha Webb-Rabb

Thele Moore 50th Birthday Party
Jun 15, 2014
"Alan Blake my guests loved your performance. Thank you for your contribution to my event."
-T. Moore

Clients Served

Alan and Lita Blake have provided entertainment for the following events and organizations:

100 Black Men of Atlanta event honoring Hank Aaron-Dec. 2018
WAGOH-Women After God's Own Heart-2018
Kappa Alpha Kappa-Psi Omega Omega
Atlanta Jamaican Association-Jazz Under The Stars-2017, 2018, 2019
Wine Connoisseur Magazine Wine Festival 2017 & 2018
Juneteenth Sarasota-2016
Blue Ridge Mountain Wine and Jazz Fest-2016
Mountain Oaks Jazz Festival-2015-2016
Hank and Billye Aaron-2016, 2018
2015-2016 National Urban League (Greater Atlanta Chapter)EOD Dinner and Awards Gala
Concerts on The Square-Decatur Arts Council-Decatur, GA.-Sept. 2016
UNCF-An Evening of Stars Afterglow-Atlanta, GA.
UNCF Mayor's Masked Ball After party 2015
SafeAmerica Foundation-2014-2017
Bernadette Stanis (Thelma of "Good Times") book signing event-2007
Penns Landing with John Blake-Philadelphia, PA.
Fairmount Park with Grover Washington Jr.-Philadelphia, PA.
Phila. Electric Co. Event with Rachelle Ferrell-1993
Smyrna, GA. Event with Rachelle Ferrell-2011
Blues Alley with George Howard-Wash. DC
Baltimore Harbor Jazz Fest with George Howard
Hampton University Jazz Festival with George Howard-Hampton, VA.
Saratoga Springs Jazz Fest (NY)-with George Howard
West Virginia Univ. Jazz Fest with Gerald Veasley, Waymon Tisdale and John Blake Jr.
McDonald's Grand Opening Concerts-
Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Philadelphia
GWCC-Opening for George Duke and Roberta Flack-2006
GWCC-Opening for the Whispers and Bobbi Humphrey-Le Cabaret Nouveau-2008
Georgia Aquarium opening for Jeffery Osbourne-2007
Sickle Cell Foundation-Atlanta, GA.
Georgia Power-Atlanta, GA.
Georgia Affordable Housing-Atlanta, GA.
The Inman Park Festival-Inman Park, GA.
3rd World Fest. Centennial Olympic Park
Sambuca Jazz Club opening for Marion Meadows-Atlanta
The Blue Note with John Blake Jr.-New York City
United Negro College Fund
annual Mayor's Masked Ball
Fashion Bug Clothing Stores-Philadelphia, PA
After Hours Formal Wear-Atlanta, GA
University of Pennsylvania Events
Emory University-Decatur, GA
Philadelphia 76ers Wives Fight for Lives Gala-Philadelphia, PA.
The Decatur Champion Newspaper
Swarthmore College Concert Series-Swarthmore, PA
Morehouse School of Medicine
2007 Inauguration
Congressional Black Caucus-Washington, DC.
Bank of America Atlanta Annual Football Classic
Aid to Children of Incarcerated Mothers-Annual Fundraiser-Atlanta
Trinity College-Hartford, Ct. with violinist John Blake Jr. and Storyteller Charlotte Blake Alston
Diversapack-Atlanta, GA
Arco Chemical Company-Philadelphia, PA
Ensoniq Corporation Holiday event-opening for the Spinners-Malvern, PA.
Jazz By The Lake Annual Concert-Stone Mountain, GA.
Jack and Jill of America, Inc.-Philadelphia and Atlanta
Southeastern Regional Mother's Conference-Atlanta, GA.
Bryn Mawr College-Bryn Mawr, PA
Prime Minister of St. Kitts Hon. Denzel Douglas 2006 New Year's Ball-St. Kitts/Nevis Island
Centennial Park Music at Noon-Atlanta, GA.
Suntrust Lunch on Broad Concert Series-Atlanta, GA.
The Hammonds House Events-Atlanta, GA.
Wednesday WindDown-Centennial Park
Sylvia's Restuarant, Atlanta, GA.
Villa Christina's WindDown Wednesday, Dunwoody, GA
Coca-Cola and Delta Sigma Event-Atlanta, GA
Jason Lary Presents-Opening for the Stylistics, Lithonia Amphitheater
Justin's and National Black Arts Festival-Atlanta, GA
Coastal Jazz Society's Savannah Jazz Festival Concert Series-Savannah, GA. 2007
Nat'l Assoc. of Black Social Workers-Atlanta, GA.-2012, 2015
King Center's Salute To Greatness After Party for Quincy Jones-Atlanta, GA.-2011
Opened for Ne-Yo and Rudy Currants at St. Judes Fundraiser Benefit Gala-2011
Calvin Peete Golf Awards Gala-2014 thru 2016
Opera singer and "Diva" actress Wilhelmenia Fernandez's birthday celebration-Philadelphia, PA.
"Jazz Under The Stars"-Jackson Memorial Baptist Church-2014
Atlanta, GA.
National Black Arts Festival performance, Studioplex, Atlanta, GA. 1999.
Art Show Fundraiser for Will Downing 2002 (Atlanta)


Sade, Stevie Wonder, George Benson, Al-Jerreau, Anita Baker, Gloria Lynn, Ladysmith Black Mumbazo, Joe Sample, Herbie Hancock, Quincy Jones, George Duke, George Howard, Grover Washington Jr., Brian Culbertson

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